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Our analytical platform Se7en offers you a new vision of the markets by viewing the most important information from each trading instrument. You can observe maximum volumes or number of trades at prices for each market. This helps traders to make succesfull entries into positions and make them more profitable.

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How Does It Work

Simply. Se7en simply gives you the main volume levels of the day or period of time before your current session. So you can use this data for trading with more profit potential than something else. Certainly it is not a Saint Graal, but these levels work and you can determine this for yourself by trying the trial version of Se7en. Each level shows special information of the market. For example, you can see the maximum volume by price for the day, two days, week or some other period and make trades based on it.

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Clear Signals

It is really easy to trade with Se7en scripts. Sometimes it gives very precise levels for entering the market. You do not even need to analyze the previous day's volumes, for example, because Se7en gives it to you without any counts. And you can also use all another levels for trading, such as 30 minutes number of trade as Market Profile information(Needs more clarification?????).

Example of "volume by price" level (pink line). COMEX Gold (GCJ9), 2-3 Feb 2009.

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